Miss American Dye was born on the 4th of July, 2015 – exactly 239 years after the birth of her blessed homeland, the good ol’ US of A. We’re pretty happy that we share our birthday with what we consider to be the best country in the world. (No offense if you’re from somewhere else… I reckon countries are like family – your own is always going to be the best as far as you’re concerned!)

But, where were we? Oh yes. About Miss American Dye! I was never one for the third person narrative, so let me introduce myself and tell you my story.

My name is Jillian, but you can call me Jill.

There were four sparks that ignited the idea and passion to start Miss American Dye:

The first spark was lit when my mom bought a bunch of tie dye supplies while I was visiting one summer. She invited our friend Vayda to come over and show us the backyard basics. We had so much fun and after my first washout, I was hooked! It was just spirals and stripes back in those days, but it didn’t take long before I was spending hours on trying new folds and techniques.

The second spark was my new marriage! My husband, Tieson, has been nothing but supportive and encouraging of the idea of starting a tie dye business. I never gave myself much credit, but he squashed all my negative talk and believed in me.

The third spark was the end of a short-lived career in retail. I wanted a schedule that was similar to Tieson’s work schedule and was not finding that to be possible. After being scheduled for one too many weekends, I put in my two weeks notice and mixed up some fresh dyes.

The fourth and final spark was YOU! You saw a photo on Instagram or Facebook of one of my tie dyes and you liked it or commented on it. Or maybe you saw me at church or the grocery store and complemented me on the tie dye I was wearing.

After enough positive reinforcement from people like you, I began to listen.

And thus, Miss American Dye was born.

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