Celebrate the 4th with American Tie Dye

“Tomorrow will be better as long as America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life.” – Walt Disney, “Our American Culture” radio address broadcast during an intermission of the Metropolitan Opera, 1 March 1941

American Tie DyeWhy the Fourth of July is Awesome

The Fourth of July has always been a favorite holiday for my husband, because of his great love for this nation, our history, and our long-held ideals of liberty and justice for all. It’s been a favorite holiday of mine since childhood, as well. Though, I must admit, for much less noble purposes: I love fireworks, BBQs, and corn-on-the-cob. And, being the extrovert that I have formerly confessed to be, I love a good Independence Day Party complete with my husband’s brand of patriotism, my pyromania and love for all things grilled, and plenty of friends and family!

But as of one year ago, the Fourth of July has held additional significance for me: it is the day Miss American Dye was born! This wasn’t always an easy journey for me, so I feel pretty grateful for (and even a little proud of) this sweet tie dye gig I get to do every day! When I first quit my day job, I had all sorts of people ask me what I had lined up next. When I would say I was planning on starting a business making and selling tie dye I had reactions from the ever patronizing, “Oh, that’s cute,” to the more blunt, “Is there even a market for tie dye?” or “I suppose there’s some hippies that will like it.”  No joke. I heard comments like that. I’m sure they meant well.  Didn’t want me to fail and seemed convinced that I would?  Who knows.  But I also heard enough encouragement from people who actually mattered to me in the opinion department (My aforementioned husband at the top of that short list.) I decided to listen to the voices that mattered and just give it a go. A year later, looking back, I’m so glad I did!

Today Miss American Dye continues to grow

We started out with tie dye shirts, but have added leggings, dresses, hoodies, bags, and more.

We started out with only an online store, but have expanded with local vending and sales.

We started with a fan base made up mostly of family and friends (Thanks, Mom!), but have many fans that have found their way to us apart from any “six degrees of separation” type connection.

And all of this growth, my friends, is cause for CELEBRATION!

Celebrate with an American Tie Dye!

From now until the fourth of July, all of our American Tie Dye will be 20% off in honor of both our birthday and the birth of our great nation. Be sure to order by June 24th if you want to wear your sweet patriotic American tie dye to that neighborhood 4th of July BBQ!

Our American Tie Dye Sale includes: American Tank, USA Tie Dye Tee, Yet Wave Beach Tote, American Shield Tee, American Baby, and Candy Cane Leggings.

American Tank FrontUSA Tie DyeYet Wave Tie Dye Beach ToteAmerican ShieldAmerican Baby Tie Dye BodysuitCandyCaneLeggings-01

And did we mention Free Shipping?

With our anniversary celebration sale, we are introducing free US shipping for all orders over $35!  Pretty exciting, right?  From now on, this sweet deal will be automatically applied at checkout when your the items in your cart add up to $35 or more.

Finally, thank you, dear friends and fans.  Every time one of you posts a photo of someone enjoying one of my hand tied and dyed originals, I am reminded of why I love what I do!  Plus, your sharing helps spread the word to those who might also want a hand tie dyed original of their own!

I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July – whether you find yourself in the Redwood Forest or the Gulf Stream Waters… or anywhere in between.