Hippie Decor is ALL the Rage Right Now

Hippie Decor

I’ve never considered myself a hippie. I’m more of a friend of hippies who has been welcomed into their loving circle because of shared passions. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest and also living in other dense hippie populations like Gold Coast, Australia and South Kona, Hawaii, I couldn’t help but befriend and be influenced by hippies. Something about the way their lifestyle translated to what they wore and how they decorated their homes with their hippie decor grabbed my attention. At first glance, you might think hippies just don’t care about the status quo. But in truth, they do care and they are challenging the status quo by every aspect of their being.

Trending Now…

Recently, I have been noticing some trends in tie dye. For instance, I’ve noticed that folks seem to be looking for the traditional hippie decor and apparel with which tie dye has long been associated. Sure I still sell the modern styles, with their muted tones and monochromes, but many of you don’t want muted. You want hippie decor that is loud and proud! Not one, but ALL the colors!

You don’t simply wear your hippie values for one day and then throw them in the wash. You live them day after day. And so, you’re no longer looking to simply wear tie dye, but to surround yourself with it.

You are looking for hippie decor to put on display.

To make a statement.

To brighten a room or even a wedding venue!

You want tie dye to be a part of your living space, and so you decorate with hippie decor. Tie dye bedding and tapestries to hang are a few of the many custom hippie decor orders I’ve been creating lately.

This trend is not really new, as with any trend or fad. There have been several comebacks of tie dye and hippie decor through the decades, each time with it’s own new twist. Some trends bring back the rainbow spirals of the 60’s, some the browns and oranges of 70’s hippiedom, while other trends bring with them the monochrome indigo designs of Japanese Shibori. But what stands the test of time is this: Those who really live and love the ideals of the hippie lifestyle don’t change their lifestyle with the changing fashion trends. They don’t merely dress like hippies, they are hippies.

Does this sound like you? Do your hippie values translate into how you dress and decorate living spaces? If so, you’ll be happy to know I’m working hard to develop new tie dye hippie decor for all occasions. I’ve shared some examples in this blog post, but one-of-a-kind custom orders are always welcomed! We hand tie and dye each piece so it can perfectly express your one-of-a-kind personality. So, please get in touch! Let me know how I can help you decorate your home or your special events with lasting hippie decor.

I can’t wait!