Thrifty is the new Nifty

sunthrift-400x300I love a good thrift shop as much as any other thrifty shopper out there.  As long as I can remember I’ve loved finding one-of-a-kind clothes at killer prices.  So much so that I vividly recall a time in high school when a friend observed that she was surprised to see me wearing brand-new, brand-name board shorts.  (They were borrowed.)  I would find groovy paisley from the 70s and pair it with bell bottoms and platform heels, or incredibly unique, vintage swing dresses that went great with my cat-eye sunglasses.
My style became influenced by great finds at Value Village, the GoodWill, and other smaller thrift stores.
While I didn’t quite fit in with the students at my school, I learned to love myself, create my own style, and celebrate creativity and individuality in those around me!  Plus, I was able to save more of my hard-earned money to put towards useful things… like… fast food and gasoline.

Thrift Stores and Upcycled Tie Dye

Naturally, as years passed and I got into tie-dye, I wanted to incorporate my love for unique finds and low prices!  I would browse the racks of my local thrift stores for white (or pastel) garments that were fiber reactive.  I can easily blow through 2 hours at a store searching for pieces that speak to me!  You can usually find me in the white sections searching for the material labels that say 100% cotton or rayon.  Or I’m holding a funky white canvas blazer with sweet shoulder pads with a blank stare.  (That’s me thinking, “What design would I do on this piece?”)

Upcycled Tie Dye Clothing

Introducing “New Life” at Miss American Dye

So as you browse the Miss American Dye Shop, you’ll see some items called “New Life”… these are clothes that I’ve found at thrift stores and garage sales that I’ve upcycled or repurposed.  They are one of a kind, meaning I don’t make them in multiple sizes or do repeats.  They truly embody the heart and soul of thrift shopping: finding something unique that nobody else has!  And, since the blank piece is often more affordable, I pass that savings on to my retail customers!
Upcycled New Life Blouse

I hope you find an upcycled “New Life” piece that fits you and your personal style, and even more, I hope you are encouraged to embrace that style!