Waves Tie Dye Sarong

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  • Tie Dye Sarong Beach Blanket
  • Waves Tie Dye Sarong - Wrap Tie
  • Side View Tie Dye Sarong
  • Tie Dye Sarong-Toga Tie
  • Waves Tie Dye Sarong-Halter Tie
Price: $35.00

I LOVE sarongs!  After spending many years in the Pacific, sarongs became a staple in my wardrobe.  Also called Lava Lavas, Sulus, or Pareos depending on which area of the Pacific you’re in.  This one-of-a-kind Waves Tie Dye Sarong is hand tied and dyed on a generously oversized rayon sarong, so it is one size fits most.  Plus, it doubles as a beach towel or picnic blanket!

Be sure to scan the photos to see examples of some of the many ways you can wear a sarong.

Tie Dye Skater Dress

  • Tie Dye Skater Dress
  • Tie Dye Skater Dress Skirt Detail
  • Tie Dye Skater Dress Left
  • Skater Dress Back View
  • Tie Dye Skater Dress Detail
  • Tie Dye Skater Dress Right
Price: $30.00 Out of stock

When we found this one of a kind dress we couldn’t wait to add to it’s uniqueness with tie dye.  We hand tied and dyed several red and pink flowers in a Navy blue sea on this tie dye skater dress.  Only one available, in a ladies size Small.

Ice Dyed Spiral Dress

  • Spiral Dress - Back View
  • Ice Dyed Spiral Dress
Price: $32.00

This Ice Dyed Spiral Dress is a stunning cotton A-line blank from Land’s End in a ladies size 8. Hand tied and ice dyed with golden brown and peacock blue.

Adding a little practicality to fashion, this dress also has little snaps on the shoulder straps to secure and hide your bra straps!

Pink Tie Dye Maxi Skirt

  • Pink Tie Dye Maxi Skirt
Price: $40.00

This Pink Tie Dye Maxi Skirt also converts into a strapless maxi dress.  Hand tie dyed on luxuriously soft rayon jersey made in the USA.  Features a hand tie dyed mandala flower with a yellow center and fuchsia pink petals.

Blue Heart Maxi Skirt

  • Back View of Blue Heart
  • Blue Heart Skirt View
  • Blue Heart Dress
Price: $40.00

Is your heart feeling a little blue?  It won’t be when you’re rocking this Blue Heart Maxi Skirt!  This particular piece is a polyester/rayon blend which gives it that vintage, heather look.  Hand tied and dyed with concentric blue and gray hearts, this skirt can also be worn as a strapless dress.

Fuchsia Mandala “New Life” Tunic

  • Fuchsia Mandala Back View
  • Mandala Detail View
  • Fuchsia Mandala
Price: $22.00

This trendy mandala tunic was hand tied and ice dyed to create some incredibly unique marbling effects in funky fuchsia with purple and turquoise accents.  The material is a silky soft 100% rayon and the length is perfect for wearing with leggings or jeans.  The mandala has 16 points, giving it a fuller, more intricate flower petal look.

Brand: Brass Plum

Size: Junior’s Large

Ice Dream “New Life” Dress

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Price: $35.00 Out of stock

This stunning spaghetti strap dress with eyelet lace detailing was hand tied with whimsical stars and snowflakes and then ice dyed, which allows for the unique marbling look as dye pigments split in whatever way they see fit. One of a kind, completely unable to be reproduced, and did we mention, original?

Size: Women’s Small

Lotus Flower Maxi Skirt

  • Lotus flower maxi skirt
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Price: $40.00

This Azules Brand Rayon Maxi skirt is fully made in the USA!  The flowy material and fold-over waistband are perfect for any size or shape – which is great because we have plus size options for this skirt!  You can even wear it as a strapless dress or swim cover-up!

Hand tied, clamped, and dyed with a beautiful lotus flower in a marble background.

More colors available!  Shown in Orange/Blue, Deep Purple/Light Purple, and Green/Brown.  Please indicate in the custom field what two color families you would like, and if you have any questions or additional requests, please contact us!