Union Jack Tie Dye Tee

  • Union Jack Tie Dye Tee
Price: $25.00

England swings like a pendulum do.  And if you take Roger Miller’s tip and take a trip to Eng-a-land, you’ll want to have a one-of-a-kind Union Jack Tie Dye Tee to wear!  Or maybe you’re a legal alien… an Englishman in New York, perhaps?  Whatever your reasons, and whatever song is now stuck in your head, we know you’ll love this tee!

Shown in a Men’s size Medium, but available in S-XL for Men, Women, or Youth!

USA Tie Dye Tee

  • USA Tie Dye
Price: $25.00

Do you bleed American?  Is your favorite holiday the Fourth of July?  Do you love the Stars and Stripes?  If you’ve said yes to any of these, then this USA tie dye tee is calling your name.  Uncle Sam wants YOU to wear this hand tie dyed tee, featuring red and white vertical stripes and a white star on a navy upper background.

Classic Blues Tie Dye Hoodies

  • ClassicBluesHoodie-02
  • Tie Dye Hoodies
Price: $40.00

Tie Dye Hoodies are all the rage this summer!  In the same family as the Classic Blues Tee, this Classic Blues Hooded Sweatshirt is hand tied and dyed with that familiar spiral in a variety of blues. Tie Dye Hoodies are perfect for adding a little warmth (and color!) when the summer sun goes down.  We recommend ordering a size up with these adult (unisex) hoodies unless you prefer a more fitted look.

Tie Dye Ugly Christmas Sweater

  • Tie Dye Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Tie Dye Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Tie Dye Ugly Christmas Sweater
Price: $30.00

Our mistake is your gain. Is it a reindeer or a red-nosed-bunny? We can’t tell. What we do know is that you will be the star of the Ugly Christmas Sweater party this year! Snag this one-of-a-kind red, green and whoops reindeer ugly christmas sweater in an adult size Large crewneck sweatshirt and at a great price, too!

Heart X-Ray Tie Dye

  • Heart X-Ray Tie Dye
Price: $25.00

Upon examination, does your heart look three times too small? Do you perhaps need to rediscover the joy and wonder of Christmas like a beloved, green Suessian character? Well, have WE got a shirt for YOU! The Heart X-Ray Tie Dye Tee features all sorts of intricate hand tie dyed goodness that will be sure to spread Christmas cheer not only this season, but throughout the year!

Santa Claus Tie Dye Shirt

  • Santa Claus Tie Dye Shirt
Price: $25.00

Santa’s Biggest fan needs this seriously one-of-a-kind Santa Claus Tie Dye Shirt!

Hand tied and dyed with good ol’ Kris Kringle’s cheery mug on the front and a background of Christmas green.

Each Santa shirt is made to order and will look close to, but not exactly the same as the shirt shown here in a Men’s size Large.

Camo with Ammo

  • Camo Tie Dye Tee with Ammo
  • 2015-07-26 19.05.19
  • 2015-08-06 11.13.28
Price: $22.00

Because hunters and banditos need tie-dye too.

Handmade tie dye camo tee shirt with ammunition bandolier.  If you like getting a little mud on your tires and think happiness is a warm gun, then we have no idea why you don’t already own this camo tie dye.  Get yours today.

Classic Blues

  • classic blues
  • IMG_1968
Price: $20.00

Sometimes you just can’t mess with the classics.  Hand tied and dyed tee with a variety of blues in that classic spiral tie dye design you can’t help but love.

Camo Classic

  • camo classic
  • IMG_2005
  • IMG_1958
Price: $20.00

How do you stand out in a crowd but still blend in with the woods?  Get yourself a hand tie dyed Camo Classic Tee!  It’s an essential for any outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe, whether you’re getting outdoors to hike the Pacific Crest Trail or skate your local park.

Blending in not your style?  Try our Camo with Ammo or Beard Empire Tees!