Simply Coral “New Life” Blouse

  • Simply Coral New Life Blouse Front
  • Simply Coral New Life Blouse
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Sometimes less really is more.  Take this flowy, peasant style, upcycled blouse for instance!  Simply Coral because everyone could use a little more simple.

The original blank for this classic is a light heather gray Mossimo brand blouse in a Ladies size Medium.  We enhanced this garment with our hand tie dye process and a single color: Coral.  Because this top features flowy short sleeves, a cinched waist, and a keyhole neckline with ties at the front, we didn’t want to take away from the garment’s lines by adding too much of our own.  The subtle, simple coral lines are a perfect way to keep things fresh AND classy!

Business Casual Ice Dyed Blouse

  • Business Casual Ice Dye
  • Business Casual Ice Dye
  • Business Casual Ice Dye
Price: $18.00

Too cool for school?  Or the office?  Keep your cool under wraps with this Business Casual Ice Dyed “New Life” Blouse.  It’s fun and unique, but can be paired with a black pencil skirt or slacks to dress it up for work.

Ice Dyeing is a lot like tie dye, but instead of dyeing with liquid dye, powdered dye and ice are placed on top of the tied fabric, so that as the ice slowly melts, the powdered pigment bonds with the fabric in funky marbled patterns.  This collared blouse has 3/4 length sleeves, light stretch (2% spandex), and pearly white buttons.

Original Garment Brand: Banana Republic

Size: Ladies Medium

Fuchsia Mandala “New Life” Tunic

  • Fuchsia Mandala Back View
  • Mandala Detail View
  • Fuchsia Mandala
Price: $22.00

This trendy mandala tunic was hand tied and ice dyed to create some incredibly unique marbling effects in funky fuchsia with purple and turquoise accents.  The material is a silky soft 100% rayon and the length is perfect for wearing with leggings or jeans.  The mandala has 16 points, giving it a fuller, more intricate flower petal look.

Brand: Brass Plum

Size: Junior’s Large

Heart on my Sleeve “New Life” Top

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  • 2015-11-25 11.31.09
Price: $22.00 Out of stock

This upcycled Gap Kids size 6-8 girls’ top features ruffles and a tulle bow… but being a dull cream color, we decided to give it new life by hand tie dyeing the shirt with fun stripes, shapes, and of course, a heart on the sleeve!  Now it’s a one of a kind creation for your one of a kind princess!

Ice Dream “New Life” Dress

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  • 2015-11-25 11.08.59
Price: $35.00 Out of stock

This stunning spaghetti strap dress with eyelet lace detailing was hand tied with whimsical stars and snowflakes and then ice dyed, which allows for the unique marbling look as dye pigments split in whatever way they see fit. One of a kind, completely unable to be reproduced, and did we mention, original?

Size: Women’s Small