Fall Flower White Tie Dye

  • Fall Flower White Tie Dye
  • Fall Flower White Tie Dye
Price: $20.00

This Fall Flower White Tie Dye V-Neck Tee is a beautiful experiment in maintaining a background of white while only tie dyeing part of the garment. In the tie dye world, we joke about “white dye” but don’t let us confuse you, the white part is where we did not dye. The result is a fall flower design that stands out on its white background.

Size: Adult Small

Blackberry Lotus Hoodie

  • Blackberry Lotus Hoodie
  • Blackberry Lotus Hoodie
Price: $40.00 Out of stock

Hoodies are great. They work all year long here in the Pacific Northwest as a great extra layer of warmth. Staple? No, a good hoodie is much more than that. A hoodie is a faithful friend. We’re sure other parts of the country and world love their hoodies as much as we do, but we’re just speaking from experience. This Blackberry Lotus Hoodie is guaranteed to be a friend through all weather, stormy and fair.

With its hand tie dyed backbone design running all the way up the back and hood, and of course the intricate lotus blossom on the front, the Blackberry Lotus Hoodie is one-of-a-kind, comfy cozy goodness.

Skull & Crossbones Tee

Price: $25.00

Whether you’re a pirate or poison, or you just want a great shirt for Halloween, you need this hand tied and dyed Skull & Crossbones Tee!

Featured in our blog post about Trial and Error, these tees really represent the uniqueness and individuality of each tie dyed item we make here at Miss American Dye.

Football Tank

  • 2015-09-03 11.11.17
  • 2015-08-27 09.10.07
  • 2015-08-27 09.06.24
Price: $22.00

Perfect for game day or any day you want to represent your team!  Hand tied and dyed for a unique game day look.

Please note:

Dye (our model) is shown wearing a size Small Faded Glory Cotton Tank.

Tank top brands may vary due to availability.  They will either be Faded Glory, No Boundaries, or Anvil brand. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or requests.

You can request your team colors at checkout!

Football Tee

  • footballtee-01
Price: $22.00

Football Season is all around us!  Whether you’re braving the cold to catch the game live in an outdoor stadium, or you’re wrapped up warm in front of the big screen, we have the perfect tie dye shirt for fans everywhere!  Show support for your team by grabbing a hand tie dyed tee in just about any color combination.

The football is dyed golden brown, the classic tie dye spiral surrounding it can be in any two colors of your choosing.  Please indicate your colors of choice at checkout.

Number 12 Tee

  • 2015-09-09 16.08.30
  • 2015-08-27 09.18.25
  • 2015-08-27 09.18.05
Price: $35.00

Show your support on Game Day!  Hand tied and dyed on an Adult (Men’s) sized Tee.

(Please note: due to design intricacy, this shirt is not available in smaller sizes.)

Purple Lotus Tie Dye Tee

  • Purple Lotus Tie Dye Tee
Price: $22.00

This Purple Lotus Tie Dye Tee is perfect for anyone looking for a new start! You see, the Purple Lotus is a symbol of rebirth in many cultures. And since our hand tying and dyeing process turns this plain white tee into a beautiful, colorful work of art, we reckon that’s symbolic, too!

Order your Purple Lotus Tie Dye Tee today and start fresh.

(Shown in a Youth size Large, available also in Women’s sizes.)

Honu Tie Dye

  • Honu Tie Dye Tee
Price: $25.00

Honu is Hawaiian for Green Sea Turtle, like the one on this hand tie dyed tee! Green Sea Turtles are an endangered species, but can still be seen in various Pacific nations thanks to the conservation efforts of many groups and countries. On Hawai’i (the Big Island) there is an ancient petroglyph of a Honu, which symbolizes a navigator that can find his way home time after time.

We hope that every time you wear your Honu Tie Dye Tee, you are reminded to care for our oceans and that you, like our Honu friends, will always find your way home.

Indigo Mandala Tee

  • Indigo Mandala Tee
  • Indigo Mandala
Price: $22.00

Oh my monochrome goodness, this Indigo Mandala Tee is everyone’s new fave! The simple monochrome color allows the intricate, hand tied and dyed mandala design to stand out.

Galaxy Ice Dye Tee

  • Galaxy Ice Dye Purple Back
  • Galaxy Ice Dye
  • Galaxy Ice Dye Turquoise Back
  • Galaxy Ice Dye
Price: $25.00

This Galaxy Ice Dye Tee is far [far] out, man!  Each ice dye is completely unique and one of a kind as the powdered dyes split and go wherever they fancy as the ice melts and spreads them around.  So, one Galaxy Ice Dye might be more blues and another might be more purples… but they all look fabulous!  If you’re up for the “Surprise me” factor of ice dyes, then these shirts are for you!  Each one is carefully tied and then dyed in the slow-motion process of ice dyeing.  Then stars are added with fabric paint which is fully washable.  (We checked!)

Get your one-of-a-kind Galaxy Ice Dye Tee today.

Black Rainbow Tie Dye

  • Black Rainbow Tie Dye
Price: $20.00

Rainbow Bright ain’t got NOTHIN on Rainbow Black!  Hand tied and dyed with a rainbow swirl and black overlay, this Black Rainbow tie dye tee shirt is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day.

Shirts now available in sizes from Small to 3XL for Men’s and Women’s Styles.  For other sizes, contact us and we will see what we can do!

Acoustic Guitar Tie Dye

  • Electric Guitar Tie Dye
  • Acoustic Fire
  • Acoustic Guitar Tie Dye
  • Acoustic Guitar Tie Dye
Price: $22.00

Sometimes you just need to unplug, and we get that.  That’s why we’ve come up with this classic acoustic guitar tie dye tee.  Hand tied and dyed with your choice of background: Earth, Blues, or Fire.

Want something a little more electrified?  Check out our Electric Guitar Tie Dye!  Please note the electric guitar in this acoustic guitar image gallery is for color reference only.